Tiny Needle Tuesday FO

Well those of you who thought I could finish my little sampler on the weekend were right.

I did the vines one night, and the letters the next. It was a fun little sampler that was very easy for me to customize, which I love.

There are a few mistakes: The top vine is actually up higher than it should be by a line or two, and the bottom letter spacing is off a little too. But it’s not noticeable, so I’m not fretting about it.

I haven’t framed it yet. I’m pretty sure I have a frame that will work, but it’s in a yet-to-be-unpacked box in my office closet. There’s no rush though. We don’t have much finished wall space yet anyway. It can wait.

And now I need to find a new TNT project!

11 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday FO

  1. Nicely done! Don’t put off framing it for too long because it may become one of those “someday” projects. I’ve got quite a few of them tucked in bins and closets.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Your sampler is just wonderful! It will be such a special reminder of first home. Once framed, that’s the kind of accessory I like to use on shelves or counters to add a special touch.


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