Dealing in diamonds

Happy Monday! It’s time to check in on my Stay-At-Home-Round-Robin progress. The first prompt for this was curves.

Now… I’m not a fan of sewing curves. I really should give it more of a try, because it would be a good challenge, but I’ve got too much going on right now to step out of my comfort zone. But that’s the beauty of this sew-along. You can interpret the prompts how you want, and skip them if need be. So that’s what I did.

Next up was diamonds. Potentially, another tricky one. I took a few days to think about it, and finally decided to keep it simple with some square-in-a-square blocks.

They make pretty good diamonds, in my view! And using the solid fabric around them really highlights the fun prints!

Next, they needed to be sewn to the panel.

And voila! The panel only required minimal trimming to get it to work with my diamonds (which are 4.5″ unfinished) The trickiest part was making sure all those dapper black cats were pointing the right way.

Gah! They are just so darn cute!!!!

Of course, not as cute as the real thing!

10 thoughts on “Dealing in diamonds

  1. Shirley Elliott

    How beautiful and how original! Those square-in-a-square blocks and your fabrics are so perfect. Really looking forward to seeing how this one evolves. Burton is a perfect match for the quilt.


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