Aligning the stars with the stay at home round robin

I know you’re probably suprised to see another round robin post so soon. And so am I! But I found myself with a free afternoon, and since they dont come along as often as they used to, I took advantage!

This time, the prompt was “stars”. I don’t need to tell you that stars are my favourite blocks. The hard part was deciding what kind of star I wanted to use.

In the end, I decided to stay in my comfort zone, and whip out some saw-tooth stars.

Eight of them, to be exact. Now, you’re probably wondering why they have peach bits going off in different directions….

Well it makes a lot more sense when you see them on the quilt.

They line up nicely with some other peach bits and make a fun border all the way around.

Now, I have a bit of a confession to make. After getting that first border done, I looked at the fabrics I pulled and got really worried it wasn’t enough to work with. So I ordered a few more pieces

Mostly fabrics that are from the same line as the centre panel. I’m glad I did, because it allowed me to introduce a little more colour into it.

So now, I’m all caught up, and Burton and I are patiently awaiting Monday for a new prompt.

9 thoughts on “Aligning the stars with the stay at home round robin

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That quilt just gets better with each prompt that you execute! When I saw the prompt was stars, I thought you would be in your element. Love how you have designed the stars/border. Your fabrics are just beautiful. That quilt is certainly growing fast. I’m guessing it is laying on a pool table and it’s almost covered it.


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