Friday felines

While nothing will ever beat my digital SLR camera (which I really do need to get repaired….), I have to say, phone cameras have come a long way, and it does make it easier to get some really unique shots.

I just love this one I took of Rupert while he was curled up in my lap. I never would have been able to get this angle with the SLR.

11 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Patty

    Awwww, Rupert! I love his gorgeous hair color and just look at that eye! It’s almost like being able to touch my screen and stroke his fur. A great capture shot!


  2. Va1, I was just berating myse1f for not taking photos with my “GOOD” camera. Thanks for taking care of that. Dar1ing kitty pic.
    Tank is not crying anymore . He is fee1ing better I think. Cats are hard to figure, I think .


  3. Araignee

    Beautiful! My phone has been telling me its dying for a long while now and I need to replace it. When I do the only feature I will thinking about is the camera. I only use my phone anymore and the cheap thing takes only so so photos but you can’t be the ease of not lugging around extra equipment


  4. So much to comment on!!! I adore the angle of Burton! I have a photo of my daughter’s white husky’s eye that just enchants me. So yes, phone cameras do give us a lot of leeway in capturing unique photos. Your RR is going to be stunning!!! I love how you did the border, must bookmark that idea. And your sketching, I would kill to have that skill!! But I agree, don’t tell me what to make! LOL. Whew, I think I am done. Have a great weekend!


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