Friday felines

As I said earlier this week, I spent the weekend at Mom’s.

This greatly upset a certain someone:

While she is fluffy and adorable, and sinfully soft, Miss Winnie is not a fan of people.

Oh, she adores my Dad. And I she tolerates, and maybe just a little bit, likes Mom. But to Winnie, the rest of the world can take a hike. Me especially.

As soon as I walk in, I get a look of pure and utter disdain that just screams “Why are YOU here again???”

And though she doesn’t like people, she’s not one of those cats who runs and hides from company. No… Winnie sits there and stares you down. She follows you from room to room, distrustful of your motives.

When I’m in the basement quilting, she watches me from the back of a chair.

…her tail, swishing about in annoyance.

In the living room, she reposes on her curl, but never takes her eyes off you

Even when you want to get a little shut-eye. She’ll just jump up on the bed…

And stare at you until you fall asleep.

She’s cute… but she’s kind of a creep.

9 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Winnie is beautiful and has such an expressive face! It is so funny that she only tolerates people other than your Dad. The girl is definitely giving you the evil eye in some of the photots.


  2. Wow! She definitely has some attitude…or cattitude as they say! Those eyes. My, my, my. She is gorgeous isn’t she? You can just tell though, she wants you gone. And you are one brave woman to fall asleep while she’s sitting on your bed like that. You just may not wake up in one piece. šŸ™‚


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