I am Hemlocked

When last you saw the Hemlock Ring it was a giant lump of knitting. Well dear readers… I am sad to say…

… it is now a much smaller lump of knitting. Not long after I got it on the extra long needle, I got to another pattern row (it’s four rounds of plain knit, and one pattern round), and I thought to myself… “gee, there seems to be a disproportionate number of yarnovers to the k2togs.”

Hemlock ring is basically a round feather and fan. And in F&F, your decreases (K2togs) have to match your increases (yarnovers). Being round, they don’t have to match as you are increasing, but they can’t be wildly out of whack either. With the number of yarnovers I had to decreases, I’d basically created a giant, ruffled monstrosity.

Normally, I’m fine with leaving in a mistake or two, but this mistake was so exponential that it would have been a nightmare to try and block. So I frogged back to where I think I went wrong, and got it all back on the needle.

I haven’t had much time to start re-knitting yet, but I will tackle it properly this week. But sadly, at this rate, I won’t need the warmth by the time it’s done.

10 thoughts on “I am Hemlocked

  1. Araignee

    Oh, dear I hate when that happens. There is nothing worse than ripping back lace. It always end up eating a bottle of Tums when I’ve had to do it. It’s why I don’t play with lace much anymore. It never plays fair.


  2. Oh how frustrating. Lace knitting. It’s so beautiful, but so nerve wracking too. Well, I know you’ll feel much beter having ripped it out than trying to go on and have regrets later when you can’t fix it. It’s going to be gorgeous when it’s done.


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