My little grow operation

Last weekend, I mentioned that I has plans to grow some seeds indoors, as well as the winter so I showed you.

Years ago, in the townhouse, I grew some seeds on Grandma’s table under the dining room window. Dave wasn’t too keen on the idea, and it did have some drawbacks. The light wasn’t quite bright enough there to get really good seedlings. It also took up a lot of space that we didn’t really have.

But as you know… we have MUCH more space here!!!! Still… Dave said Grandma’s table was off limits, so I had to come up with something else.

I looked at grow set-ups online, and if you’ve ever done that, you’ll know they can be quite spendy. I knew there had to be a better way to do it. Since what I was looking for was just basically shelves and lights, I decided to buy just that.

I got one of those black plastic utility shelf units on sale at Canadian Tire. It was just $30. Then I ordered a set of grow lights from Amazon for about the same cost. They are three separate lights, but all connected to one control – perfect for attaching to the shelves. They attach with double-sided tape, and the shelves fit together with no tools at all, so it’s a super easy project, and way less expensive than those other fancy set ups.

Another $40 filled it with peat pods and grow trays! I won’t be planting anything until mid-March… but I’m ready to grow!

In other plant news….

I’m afraid my Ranunculus sprouts just up and wilted away. Not sure what happened, but like I’ve had no luck with them in the past. I might try again when it’s warmer outside.

My sunflowers haven;t gotten any taller, but one has gotten bigger leaves. The other, in the back, is starting to yellow a bit…. but if you look closely, it’s got an itty bitty flower head. Time will tell if it will actually blooms.

And… on the way home from Mom’s last weekend, I stopped at Terra. It’s a HUGE nursery chain and the one by her always has a fantastic selection of house plants.

I came home with a String of Turtles, and a Pickle Plant! (Just look at those tiny pickles!!!!)

And… I’m very excited about this next one. You may remember the weeping pussywillow I had a few years back. Sadly, it didn’t make it more than a year, but I think that was because I kept it over winter in a pot, when I really should have planted it in the ground.

I hadn’t seen any since, so I was thrilled to find them at Terra

I’m thinking this will probably go out front, but I’ve got to sit down and draw up some plans. That’s a way off – for now I’m just going to enjoy all those fuzzy little catkins!

6 thoughts on “My little grow operation

  1. Araignee

    How clever! After reading your last post about growing things I got all fired up and started reading all about that winter sow thing. I almost bought stuff and then the weather got muggy and buggy here again and I remembered why I’m not going to even try growing anything anymore in this hell hole. The Native Americans that were here must have lived on the stuff that comes out of the bay because they sure weren’t growing much around here. The only thing that really grows well is tobacco and you can’t eat that.


  2. jatshaw

    You are so clever! Love your string of turtles and pickle plant; those are new to me. We planted a small pussy willow a long time ago and even moved it once. Now you can see the top of the tree and its “babies” from our upstairs window!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What interesting new plants. I had never heard of string of turtles or pickle plant. I did once have a string of pearls plant. The pussywillow is just wonderful and great for this time of the year. Great idea with your grow shelves and you are all set for early planting.


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