Attack of the Gnomes

The bolt of white fabric finally arrived so the first thing I did was pull out my gnome quilt.

See those little white rectangles between the blocks? That’s all I needed to finish this one off! Six 4.5″ x 8.5″ white rectangles!

Once they were cut, it went together like the wind.

Of course, it needed some borders, but I had plenty of fabric for that!

And taa-daa!!!! It’s now a nice 48″ x 60″. A perfect size for hanging out in the garden with. Because as you may recall – this one is for me!!!

I have lots of fabric left too, so at some point I’ll probably make some matching pillows! It’s perfect patio decor, if you ask me!

For the back I’ve got some fun daisy flannel (shown recently in my post about my Joann score), and way back when I did my last Connecting Threads order, I’d picked up this diagonal rainbow specifically to make binding! I LOVE stripey binding!

11 thoughts on “Attack of the Gnomes

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That is such an adorable quilt. That yellow border just seems to glow. I love stripes for binding and diagonal stripes are even better. All of the fabrics are just wonderful and the backing is perfect.


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