Still in the ring

When not working, cross stitching, pot painting or sewing… I’m still knitting.

Hemlock ring is now back to being a large blob of knitting. In fact, I’m past where I had to rip back, AND my stitch count is correct! In fact, I’ve only got two or three pattern repeats to go before I’m casting off.

I’d like to think I could have this off the needles by the weekend, but that’s probably too optimistic. It’s a safer bet to say it will be blocking by next weekend. Which is good, because I’m ready to start something new!

10 thoughts on “Still in the ring

  1. Oh those last repeats …………….so hard to motivate your way through and NOT cast on something new and exciting.

    But, just think how exciting it will be to have a new blanket!!!! Go, girl. You got this!


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