Winged visitors

My office is on the west side of the house. It also looks out to the large purple Norway Maple in our yard. As I’ve been working away at the day job I’ve noticed several little winged visitors in the tree, and perching from the awning over the window.

The other day, I got the brilliant idea to move my desk so its under the window so I can see them better. (Plus it’s nice to look up from the computer screen and see the outside world… even if it’s just sky and tree branches.)

Then I got the even more brilliant idea that I needed a feeder out there… but being on the second floor… how was I going to manage that?

Well one of the advantages of having old, crappy windows, is that I can just slide the inside panes to the side, and stick a suction cup feeder on the outside of the glass!

It didn’t take long for the visitors to notice the treat.

It’s not a great picture, because they are still a little skittish. This little red house finch was by far the bravest. But I’ve seen some blue jays and sparrows eyeing it up too. Hopefully I can get some better pics for you soon.

Even if I don’t, it’s nice to have my little friends pop by throughout the day!

7 thoughts on “Winged visitors

  1. Araignee

    That is so cool! I have a big Norway Spruce outside my big front window and I keep saying I am going to hang a feeder on one of the branches so I can watch it. I have a clear view of the trunk and the inside branches which would be great for a feeder. The best thing is that the cats can’t get up in that tree to bother the birds. At least I don’t think so.


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