February flowers

Oh February… the shortest month that still seems to feel interminably long!

It’s way too early to do anything outside, and it’s still too early to plant seeds. But I can dream….

And enjoy the few indoor flowers I have

The two Anthurium I have are doing quite nicely. They soak up the sun coming in the front window. The red one above is actually a dark pink, so I still need to get a real red one for my collection.

Just after Christmas, one of the grocery stores had all their holiday plants on sale, and among them were these two Crown of Thorns plants. They have both done exceedingly well. When I bought them, they were blooming, and after about a month, they dropped their flowers and almost started blooming immediately again. I definitely have to get some more colors of these!.

And my little Kalanchoe just won’t stop blooming. What a difference the grow light makes. I’ve never been able to make one of these rebloom before!

I was so happy with it, that when I saw more on sale at the grocery store I scooped them up.

Pink and white to add to my collection!

On that same trip, I also picked up a little bit of spring.

Both of these lovely potted bulbs were on clearance. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the blooms, and then I can plant the bulbs in the garden.

This gorgeous double-stem orchid was on clearance too. As my previous two orchids from the early have done so well, I thought why not get another. And speaking of those earlier orchids… the yellow one still has flowers…

Can you believe it?

A trip to a different grocery store had me bringing home this pink jasmine….

It hasn’t bloomed yet, but it’s covered in buds that are sure to burst open any day now!

My weeping pussywillow is turning into a strange alien plant! It looks pretty wild with all these “pollen puffs” hanging off it. The leaves will come in soon (you can see them starting at the base). It will be at least a month before my outdoor pussywillows get catkins, so this is a nice little treat to have in the house.

And last… my poor kid’s meal sunflowers. The one with the nice big leaves totally gave up and died not long after I showed you last. The other one with the little bud…

Well, I give it full points for trying, but I think I’m going to have to stick to growing them outdoors.

9 thoughts on “February flowers

  1. Araignee

    It is all so lovely! As much as I am looking forward to spring I am not anxious to get to hot, humid summer. I hope we earned a nice long spring after this miserable winter.


  2. jatshaw

    You sure have some beautiful flowers! We have a crown of thorns also. It blooms once in awhile, but what concerns me is its habit of dropping leaves. Do yours do that? Be glad you don’t have a corn plant; those flowers do not smell good. Ask me how I know!


  3. Shirley

    What a beautiful collection of plants! You don’t have a green thumb – you have a green hand! (Even with the sunflower fail which was probably the seeds.) You even got a Kalanchoe to rebloom and most people fail at that.


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