Friday Felines

After complaining about how cold it’s been, we got one amazingly warm day on Sunday. I think it got up to about 16C/60F.

Relic was absolutely THRILLED!

All it takes is a little sun and warmth and he’s just gotta roll! It doesn’t matter that the catio lawn is an absolute mudhole right now.

While he was rolling and soaking up some rays, I cleaned my truck out, and then took a poke around the garden. I’m happy to say, there is signs of life in the bulb box.

They are very small signs (less than half and inch) but I’ll take them!

What’s really exciting…

Remember the pussywillows I bought last year? Well as you can see, the pink and black ones have catkins. (the white one is in a shadier spot, so nothing on her yet). The plants are still quite small, so no big show, but one day… they are going to be amazing!

9 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Love those pussy willows. I didn’t know they came in colors until your blog! It’s COLD here today but warmer weather is supposed to begin tomorrow and then gradually warm to 70F next week. Yay!
    Relic has the right idea. Oh to be a cat in a house that serves me. 🙂


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