A short while ago, Samantha commissioned me for another quilt. She wanted a motorcyle quilt for her husband, Michael. But NOT a Harley motorcycle quilt… and not sport bikes, but Yamaha blue if I could manage it.

It took some doing, but I found some fabric with generic, classic-style motorcycles. Samantha approved.

I love commissions from her because she’s generally easy to please. I suggested a dissapearing nine-patch for the pattern, showed her some examples and she said go for it.

The other day, I finally got around to cutting up all the fabrics, and decided I had time to put just one block together. Of course, it’s starts with a plain-ole nine patch”

The D9P can look very different, depending on how you place your fabric. My favourite way to do it is as you see here. A big print in the corners, a neutral or solid (where I have the white), and a simple, or small print for the centre.

Once the nine-patch is together, it’s time to cut.

Just a simple slice, up the middle, both ways. Then you turn two of the blocks around:

And sew it all back together

Easy peasy. Of course, there are more blocks to come, but I’ll chain piece them one day when I have a chunk of time to sew.

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