A little visit

This past weekend I was headed to Mom’s for some quality time with the long arm. But before I got there, I made a short detour to my old stomping grounds and had a little visit with Neighbour Krista and Miss Wren.

Miss Wren turn five at the end of the month, so I wanted to make sure she got her present in plenty of time.

We had a wonderful visit, and I also got to give ol’ Bowie a snuggle.

Though he was more interested snuggling himself. Still – I think he’s the prettiest snake ever.

And I got to visit with Krista’s newest family members.

She created the most beautiful terrarium for three of these little guys (poison dart frogs). Sadly, I neglected to take any pictures of their home, but I got some great shots of this little guy when she brougt him out for inspection.

Sadly, I couldn’t stay long. I was getting late, and I still had a 30 minute drive to Mom’s. But the next day Krista sent me this.

As you can see, I did get the strawberry dress to go with her bolero, and both are a perfect fit!

10 thoughts on “A little visit

  1. jatshaw

    What a cute little girl and such a sweet cardigan. As for the snake, I commend you for handling it! You are one brave person! Is that cardigan your design?


  2. I don’t particularly like snakes; however, I agree that Bowie is a pretty one. Miss Wren is adorable in her new dress and sweater. I know she loves her twirly dress.


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