There hasn’t been a lot of action at my office window feeder. They pop around in the Maple, but none are really brave enough to come get food lately.

However, the other day, I noticed something fly down and land on the branches just out of my sitting view (blocked by the awning over the window).

I grabbed my camera, and placed it against the bottom of the window, and angled it until I could get the visitor in view.

they aren’t great pics because they are zoomed in. But its good enough that you can see it’s a hawk! I’m 95% sure that it’s a Sharp-shinned Hawk (5% chance that it’s a Cooper’s Hawk, but I don’t think so based on the shape of the head and tail)

He sat there for about five minutes and calmly flew off – probably in search of a snack.
This place is Raptor heaven. On the 25 minute drive to Strathroy, it’s not unusual to see more than a dozen Raptors on telephone poles, signs, fence posts, whatever. Most are small hawks, like Sharpies and Coopers, or Red Tails, but we have see a couple juvenile Bald Eagles, and one Osprey. I also had barn owl swoop right down in front of the truck coming home from groceries one night.

It really makes me want to get my digital SLR fixed and get a telephoto lens!

8 thoughts on “Hawk-eyed

  1. Araignee

    I dug out my old camera with the good lens to try and get some better photos than my phone would take but found that nothing I had could read the memory card anymore. I’ve got so many “dead” toys around here it’s ridiculous. Printers, cameras, Kindles, MP3 players and now Google is telling me my Chromebooks are going to obsolete in June. Argh…it’s a racket.


  2. So cool. I love seeing raptors. We have hawks around here and some folks see eagles 0 I have not…but some day…as I know they nest around here. But, no wonder those little birds were staying away!


  3. I love seeing the raptors too. Glad you got a chance to see this handsome hawk.

    I have been thinking about saving up for a DSLR camera again. My Canon just isn’t up to the job when it comes to capturing good photos. When I replaced my broken Nikon, I really did not choose the right camera for me.


  4. That’s a great picture! We have lots of hawks that fly over our yard which makes me nervous when Zoey is outside. We rarely let her out without us there with her. We saw too many eagles at the lake pick up dogs, cats, chickens etc.


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