Garden dreams

I don’t know how it is where you live, but here the weather is a total roller coaster. One day warm, two days cold, snow in the morning, raining by the afternoon. Not unusual for March of course, but I’d love a little more stability.

On the nice days, the cats and I are outside as much as possible.

The cats are mostly just soaking up the sun. I do that too, but I’m also poking around the garden, and looking for signs of life.

More and more bulbs are peaking out in the bulb box, but they are still very small. To be honest, I think I placed the box a little too close to the fence. When I put it down the fall, it got a lot more sun than it does now.

Of course, the ground is still mostly frozen… all the up and down means it hasn’t had a chance to do a really good thaw yet.

Elsewhere, there are small signs of things to come.

Left to right: Sedum, Black-Eyed Susan, and Chysanthemums.

One thing that’s really going gangbusters are these.

Remeber back in the summer I mentioned that the catio ground was full of bulbs….? I was digging them up every time I dug a hole. Well pretty much the ENTIRE catio lawn space is covered in them. I’m pretty sure they are grape hyacinths. I vaguely recall seeing some in bloom when we first looked at the house last year.

Whatever there are – there are literally thousands of them. And they are all going to have to come out, because I’m landscaping that entire space. There’s a lot of digging in my future.

8 thoughts on “Garden dreams

  1. Araignee

    I used to have grape hyacinths in the front bed but they all disappeared one year. It is exciting to see everything coming to life again even though down here it all went out of sync which is too bad. This is a weird spring following a very weird winter.


  2. We are having the same exact weather pattern as you. Cold, warm, flurries, rain, rinse and repeat! 🙂
    We only have one small patch of something trying to come up in our backyard. I have no idea what it is though. Spring is coming soon enough!


  3. We have been on that weather roller coaster all winter. It is a beautiful spring in spite of the roller coaster. Those certainly look like grape hyacinths and from what I remember the bulbs are very small. So encouraging to see all the plants coming up in your new yard/garden/catio.


  4. jatshaw

    The weather has been crazy here, too. Sun, lots and lots of rain, and even some hail! No snow, thankfully though. Our grape hyacinths disappeared also, so thanks for the reminder to find some more bulbs.


  5. How exciting to see little tips of green showing up everywhere! Those bulbs are going to have to go to good digging out cleaning off maybe you can plant a whole another plot of them somewhere else in the yard.


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