More than I bargained for

Friday night after dinner, Dave asked me if I was able to take him on a Kijiji run. He’d found a deal on a pressure washer (the siding on our house is REALLY in need of a good cleaning) that was only half an hour away.

So we hopped in Dory, hit the bank machine and headed out to the middle of nowhere. As many of you know, you can meet quite a few “characters” through Kijiji. And this particular seller was definitely a “character”.

He’s one of those guys who just collects random things… and EVERYTHING he has is for sale. And he tried to sell it ALL to us.

We ended up there for an hour and a half going through the garage, a couple sheds, a truck trailer and a barn, and by the time we left, the back of my truck was full. We did get the pressure washer, but we also came home with…

A milk can, an old small spoked wheel and an A-frame trellis. These, of course, will all be cleaned up and put in the garden somewhere. He threw in a big roll of landscaping fabric too, which will come in VERY handy. It’s probably enough to cover the catio space, if not more!

Buried deep in his barn, I found this sturdy little wood shelf, which will be perfect for plants when it’s cleaned up. Dave also got a metal cabinet for the garage from the same barn.

But the real prize….

…was this gorgeous ceramic birdbath. I’ve been searching for a decent birdbath for a couple years now. But they are either cheap plastic or glass, and flimsy, or they cost a fortune. This one is sturdy, almost as heavy as my Dad’s concrete bird bath. And all those little “pockets” in the base are there for MORE plants!!!! I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it!

There was one disappointment though. I made quick friends with this sweet barn girl….

She rode on my shoulder almost the whole time were were there. Kijiji guy said he would totally throw her in with the deal (he had 11 barn cats – all fixed and well cared for). Unfortunately, Dave put the kibosh on it.

Part of me thinks I should have left him there and brought the cat home instead…

8 thoughts on “More than I bargained for

  1. Araignee

    What a haul! We need to powerwash the house too. It’s a mess and the weather is perfect for it but there’s just too much going on right now….


  2. Shirley Elliott

    WOW! That is my kind of hunting. I love everything you brought home. The birdbath is awesome. I have never seen one with a base like that. Reminds me of a strawberry jar. I would have somehow gotten that beautiful tabby cat in my vehicle.


  3. Oh my! You got some great things. Love the birdbath – I’ve never seen one with places for plants, but that is very cool! I think I would have found a way to get that cat home too! LOL


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