FO: Farm-fresh flapjacks

The finished quilt parade continues, but we have left the ocean and traveled to the farm yard!

The pattern is Flapjacks. It’s free, and it’s another one of those “looks complicated, but totally isn’t” type patterns. I had this one together in an afternoon. It’s just a crib size, but it can easily be made bigger (the pattern has four sizes, so you dont even need to do the math.)

I used these fun, farm-yard prints. Can I just say how much I love those carrots???? I really which I had more of that.

I do have a few fat quarters left…

As well as enough of this cow print for another back. So there will be another farm quilt in the future. Not any time soon, but eventually.

In the meantime, you can stop by the shop if you’re interested in this one. It‘s just waiting for a new home.

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