FO: Home is Where the Cat is

Last in the FO quilt parade is my Stay-At-Home-Round-Robin creation.

And it’s quite the unique creation, if I do say so myself. It started with the panel, and was built out round by round. It took a lot of quilt math.

And several different cat-themed fabrics. It finished up at about 64″ x 72″ and it’s all wrapped up with some paw prints, and a lovely cat print backing

This one won’t be going in the shop, I’m afraid. But it has been donated to Bee Meadow Farms for a fundraiser, so you will have a chance to try to win it if you are so inclined. I’ll share the details on how, as soon as the fundraiser starts!

11 thoughts on “FO: Home is Where the Cat is

  1. We love the intricate details in that top photo, and we’re sure that must’ve been quite the task. Oh, and dad says he just looooves the quote in the middle and agrees wholeheartedly.


  2. Patty

    What a stunning quilt! All your math skills paid off! I like how you are donating this to Bee Meadow Farms.
    Back in the day, Natalie, posted more on her blog. I miss her weekly adventures with all her animals. I don’t do instagram and I think that’s where she is now? I hope all is well with her and Gordon.


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