Stitching to stay sane

I don’t know about you, but for me, March has been a pretty insanely busy month. Not just with work, but a billion things around it. It’s no secret that my crafting keeps me sane, but this month it seems harder and harder to find as much time to devote to it as in the past. I hope it’s just temporary.

The craft that’s taken the biggest hit this month is my knitting. I finished off Hemlock, put a few rows on Dave’s Mom’s Christmas socks but other than that, I’ve not knit a stitch.

That is until the other night. I had some time and decided to get moving on a project that has a deadline.

Earlier this year, I found out that a coworker is expecting her first child in May. Naturally, I’ll be making her a quilt, but she’s a coworker who really appreciates the skill that goes into crafting, so I wanted to knit her something too.

Annoyingly, she’s not finding out the gender. She wants to be surprised, and I respect that… but darn it! I want to know!!!! So… keeping gender-neutral in mind, I decided a simple top-down baby cardigan would be best. (I’m using this pattern)

Because baby will be born in May, there wasn’t much point to making warm woolies in newborn/3 month size. So I skipped up to 6 months, which puts us right in the middle of fall, and pulled out this lovely autumnal-looking yarn. I figure it will work well for boy or girl.

I’m just about ready to split for the body and sleeves, and I quite like how it’s working up so far. I should have enough yarn for a hat and booties too, if I have the time.

7 thoughts on “Stitching to stay sane

  1. Araignee

    That’s what I did for my latest Grand. I made a one year old sweater because putting a newborn in knitwear never makes sense and I know that from my own experience. I taught myself to knit when I as expecting my first and knit lots of baby things that I never used because babies are messy. Stuff comes out of every end all day long.


  2. That is a great sweater. The yarn is perfect. I typically do the same and make larger sizes. For our new grandbaby, (She’s in labor right now, so exciting), I made newborn, three months and 6-9 month sizes to cover all the bases.
    Your friend is going to love the sweater.


  3. That is such a cute pattern and I love the yarn you’ve chosen. I really like it when folks make things for babies that are not in your “typical” baby pastel colors. That baby will be beautiful/handsome in that sweater come Fall. And I hear you about being busy. Work is crazy right now – usually there is a break after the Fall rush but the rush has kept continuing. I’m exhausted!!


  4. Shirley Elliott

    That is such beautiful yarn and the pattern is working up beautifully. What a great gift for your friend’s new arrival. I would have had a hard time using that yarn for a gift.


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