March is golden

Here we are, almost the end of March…

And it probably doesn’t seem like it to you, but I have not had much time to sew this month. The last time I actually sat at the machine was when I put together ONE block for the motorcycle quilt. That was back at the start of the month.

Oh sure, I got several quilts actually quilted, but that was all done in one weekend.

The problem is, I don’t like sewing at night. My brain turns to mush, and I mess things up if I try sew after dinner. Normally, I could sneak in an hour or two here and there throughout the week while waiting for colleagues to send me stuff at work. But work has been absolutely hopping lately.

That means I only have weekends to sew. But March’s weekends have been jammed packed with other activities too!

Still, last week, I managed to find a couple hours one afternoon to get into the studio. I really wanted to get my March Rainbow Scrap Challenge block done.

March’s colour was yellow/gold.

Despite the fact that I love putting yellow in quilts, I didn’t actually have a lot of yellow scraps. I had to raid Mom’s scrap bin when I was there.

Burton was otherwise engaged when I was finished, so Relic kindly stepped in for the finished beauty shot.

I gave him a few treats for his troubles, and THAT got Burton’s attention.

He was none too pleased that he missed out, so I got out January and February’s blocks too.

That’s one quarter of the year wrapped up already. I’m ready for April… are you?

10 thoughts on “March is golden

  1. That yellow is gorgeous. I really like how the blocks all look next to each other, but maybe that’s Burton. 🙂 Relic was very kind to step in but I think Burton believes he was trying to usurp HIS place as supervisor. They are both so sweet. I wish we lived close enough for a kitty snuggle.


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