Marketplace magic

Remember those nightstands I got for free back in December?

They’d been covered in chalk paint, and were in rough shape. The weekend I was at Mom’s quilting, Dave worked away sanding them down and repainting them and surprised me with the finished product when I got home. So this weekend, while he is at his grandma’s, I’ve rearranged the bedroom and put them into place.

Naturally Burton was extremely helpful with the whole process…

Previous to this I had a barstool for the lamp on my side, and one of my dressers of Dave’s. This looks much nicer and is much more practical. Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect headboard/bedframe. When we moved to the townhouse, ours got broken. Our box spring and mattress are really tall, so it was never much of an issue to have them just sitting on the floor, but I would like to get a proper bed one of these days.

And you may notice that the stands have different colour handles. This is how they were when I picked them up. We’ve left them as is for now, because at some point, Dave is going to redo my dressers

I have two of them. Mom and Dad bought them from a used place when I was about 14 or 15. As you can see, they could definitely use some work. But other than the cosmetics, they are really sturdy. I’m more than a little attached to them. It will be nice to give them new life.

And speaking of dressers, I have another surprise for Dave when he gets home. You may recall, we have two full bathrooms here. But the upstairs one only has a tub, no shower. It’s perfect for me, but it’s much too small for Dave’s tall frame. So he showers downstairs. But all his clothes are upstairs. So I found this nice little dresser on Facebook Marketplace

It’s just the right size for holding a few t-shirts and pairs of shorts. It can also hold a few towels, because the linen closet it up stairs too. This will certainly make life more convenient for him.

I wonder what I’ll find on Marketplace next!

11 thoughts on “Marketplace magic

  1. It all looks so nice. You two do great work. We use FB Marketplace a lot. In fact, I just sold a lazyboy recliner today. It was picked up about an hour ago! We also sold the dehumidifier we used in the trailer last winter. We don’t need it here in the house. It sold in ten minutes on FB!
    I’m looking forward to seeing more fun things you find.


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