Itty bitty body

I’m making good progress on the baby cardigan. As you can see, the body is done and I’m ready to pick up for the sleeves.

The pattern is Little Pearl, and the yarn is Ice Yarn Glamor Sock. To be honest, I almost ripped it out. It just wasn’t what I had in my head when I first started thinking about what to knit for my coworker.

But I decided to just keep going. I could always knit another one and send her both if I wanted. But now that I see the body complete, I love it. It’s not what I had pictured, but it’s darling none-the-less.

And it’s so easy. The yarn does all the work. I think one ball is going to be enough. I have a second ball to make a hat and booties if I so decide. I do need to get into the studio and get started on her baby quilt though!

10 thoughts on “Itty bitty body

  1. Adorable! And I love all the furniture redos and plans. We rarely had matching furniture when the girls were young, and even now family pieces are more dear than having matching!


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