A modern blockhead

Have you every joined something, knowing it wasn’t really your thing but you did it anyway. Remember my Blockhead Sew-a-long? Well, they just started another one. A new block comes out once a week for 28 weeks

Life is really keeping me too busy for a sew-a-long, and I’m not really a fan of sampler quilts.

So why am I doing it? Three words. Lord. Burton. Bearbottom

During Blockheads three he became somewhat of a celebrity on the Blockhead Facebook group. I think I had more fun making up silly posts than I did actually making the quilts (and I did mostly enjoy making the quilts).

So, Burton and I are diving in with both feet. I don’t have a lot of large fat quarter bundles in the stash. In fact, the only one I had with any decent amount of fabric (that wasn’t slated for another project) was the Mod Cat bundle. You can see above it’s got a lot of fun colours and prints in it.

We might not do all the blocks, but we have gotten the first one done so far. I’m quite pleased with. And Burton’s happy to be in the spotlight.

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