Walk-about Wednesday

In an effort to get on top of my health, I’ve been trying to walk more. Every day if I can. It’s something I’ve tried in the past, but it never really stuck.

Where were used to live… well, it wasn’t the most pleasant place for a walk. It was safe enough, but traffic made it quite noisy, and it was mostly just bland suburbia. Not much to look at.

Now this town is small, only about 2,500 people, but it is old (you can read a little history here), and especially being new, there is lots to look at and discover.

To help keep me motivated, I’m staring my own Walk-about Wednesday. Every day I’ll post a picture or two, or something interesting from my weekly walks.

If this is something you’d like to do… feel free to add Walk-about Wednesday to your blog! I’d love to discover the places you like to walk too!

So without further ado….

The picture doesn’t do it justice, but around the corner from us, a house has very nice big pond. I’ve driven by a dozen times, but never noticed the pond. It wasn’t untilI was going by on two feet that I heard the water from their little bucket waterfall. (almost in the centre of the pic beside the goose)

Dave and I really want to put in a pond here -unfortunately, it’s not high on our priority list, but it’s something to dream about one day.

That same house had a cat in their garden made from old scrap. It took me a moment to realize the body was an old fan! I just love scrap art!

And this always makes me giggle when I see it. One whole block has brand new sidewalk (within the last year or two) and on one slap, there’s these wee foot prints, embedded for all time! They are too big to be a squirrel, so I’m guessing probably a raccoon.

That was fun! Thanks for checking them out. I can’t wait to see what next week’s walks bring!

And this wasn’t found on walk, but in my own back yard!

I have snow drops!!! Well… snow drop.. .there’s just one. But I suspect I’ll be finding more in the next week or so!

11 thoughts on “Walk-about Wednesday

  1. It’s amazing what you see when you start walking around your neighbourhood. I started doing that during the 2020 lockdown and lived to watch the changing of the seasons.


  2. Araignee

    We don’t have a good walking area in our neighborhood so we have to pile in the car and take Pup in town to get some steps in. I envy folks that live in a place with sidewalks. We have a local artist that makes scrap art and I love it too. He’s got a fish on display at the koi pond made of old garden tools that I would love to bring home with me if I could afford it.


  3. I will surely enjoy your Wednesday Walking Posts Val. Love the pond with the bucket waterfall – so clever. And the Scrap Cat is cute too. I bet that raccoon had a time cleaning his paws – LOL Our snowdrops have all disappeared! None came up this year which is a disappointment for sure.


  4. I enjoyed your walkabout Wednesday post Val. Isn’t it fun to see what we can discover in our own neighborhood. I loved the pond with all of it’s fun art, especially the cat. That poor raccoon. I wonder if he had cement boots after that?
    Blessings and hugs,


  5. Oh yeah, walking the ‘hood is a great way to get exercise, meet the neighbors, and check out what other folks have in their yards…including cats, doggos, and interesting (or bad, depending) garden art.
    Now that the snow is gone (shhh, don’t say that out loud!), I’m go out twice a day.
    The habit gets stronger, and I’ll go out in a rainstorm, just because I MUST WALK…!!!!


  6. jatshaw

    You certainly have an interesting neighborhood for walks! Ours has lots of hills, big ones, so we can get plenty of exercise nearby. There are many interesting trails in our area, too, so we have had lots of fun exploring. One of the most interesting close by trails leads to an old coal mining town! I am looking forward to seeing where your Wednesday Walks take you!!


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