Sowing the seeds of love

Playing in the garden is still weeks off, but it was finally time to start my seeds indoors!!!!! Two Sundays ago, I got to it!

I might have bought waaaaay more seeds than I can start inside, but that’s okay. All of this is a little bit of an experiment, so if this fails, or doesn’t go well, I can start some other stuff outside when the weather is warmer.

This is my first time using little peat discs. They are very neat, just add water and they puff right up.

I had 180 little discs, so I split them into groups of 12, and planted two types of Columbine, Beard Tongue, Oriental Poppies, Shasta Daisies, Cupid’s Dart, Blanket Flower, Astilbe, Lupin, Sweet William, Black Eyed Susans, Malva, Penstamon, Delphinium, and Potentilla.

Everything was placed in my little DIY grow station.

And by the following Thursday…

I already had sprouts on three of the trays! (Black-Eyed Susans, Lupin, and Malva).

And then another week later…

Almost everything is sprouted! The only thing that hasn’t is a tray of seeds I took from plants I had at the townhouse. I’ll give them a little more time, but I’m so pleased with the progress already.

6 thoughts on “Sowing the seeds of love

  1. Araignee

    The little market on the boardwalk started a growing area and they’ve been sprouting their own seedlings since mid winter. The ones they put out for sale right before the stuff hit the fan here were beautiful. I was tempted to try a cart garden again but the bugs here run the show. Even with netting the spiders took over right after my first little harvest. If I let them they would wrap the whole house in webs.


  2. kayT

    So much fun to see all the sprouts. I no longer garden since we live in the allergy capital of the universe and one step outside in the spring (and summer and fall) leaves me breathless, but I do very much enjoy seeing your results!


  3. jatshaw

    Those little peat discs are amazing! I’ve never seen them before either. Looks like you’ll have lots of sprouts to plant. Now if only, the weather would warm up and stay there!


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Your DIY grow station is remarkable! Those peat discs are great. You are going to have such beautiful flowers this summer even though it is your first year with this yard.


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