More Marketplace adventures

Yes… I’ve been messing around on Facebook Marketplace again…

Last week, I took an extended lunch from work, and Dave and I headed out to Petrolia, a town about 30 minutes from us. I had a mission. There was an antique store there that had something advertised on Marketplace that I wanted very badly…

As you know, I have a lovely little sun porch. (Well, its kind of a mess right now, but it will be lovely). But the furniture I had on it, while serviceable, wasn’t quite what I wanted. I wanted something I could lounge about on…put my feet up and knit, or work away on my lap top.

I’ve been looking at modular patio sets all winter… and boy howdy, are they expensive. (Not to mention, they all look alike… so plain and BORING!)

So I started trawling Marketplace, and that’s when I got an AMAZING idea. I love my bamboo rocker which lives on the porch – why not try to find some used pieces to go with that? I started checking Marketplace every few days for things that might work. There was a surprising amount of bamboo/wicker/rattan furniture out there, but nothing that tickled my fancy (and some if it is still VERY expensive). Until there was.

Excuse the mess around it (the porch becomes somewhat of a storage area in the winter) but isn’t it great? Can’t you just see a gnome quilt draped across it? The porch will get cleaned up soon, and when the danger of frost is gone, my plants will be back out there. I think it’s going to be the perfect place to relax this summer

And yes… within five minutes, it got the official seal of approval

Looks like I’m going to have to share.

After we got it in the truck, Dave spied a thrift store across the street, so we popped on over. Dave didn’t find anything he needed, but I did.

I don’t know why, I just had to have these pillows for my bed. I think they will look even nicer when I have a proper headboard behind them.

Rupert, however, wants to know why one ginger cat on the bed isn’t enough.

9 thoughts on “More Marketplace adventures

  1. Patty

    That was a good score! It’s funny how cats always have to check out new items that come into the home.
    I love seeing little Rupert! The pillows are sweet but I totally understand Rupert’s reasoning:-)


  2. I love that lounger Val, it’s perfect isn’t it? And it seems to have two furry stamps of approval. The pillows are really nice too and match your quilt very well.
    Soon it will be sun porch weather. We’re planning a camping trip this week and I just saw a weather report that said a strong chance of tornadoes the first night, during the night, which makes it even more dangerous. Well, you can’t live in fear. We’ll go anyway.
    Blessings and hugs,


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