Weekend warriors

Mother Nature has finally decided to slow the roller coaster, and allow us a chance to start comfortably tackling the jobs that need doing around the yard.

Back in the fall, when Dave was fixing the windows on my shed, he told me that the ground behind the shed was at least two-feet taller than the front. I figured it was just years of leaf-litter built up (In the summer, the space between the shed and back fence was impassible from Virginia Creeper vines.)

I told him I would take care of it in the spring… and boy…. am I regretting that now…

The picture does not detail the true horror of it. There’s some leaf litter, there – yes… but underneath it, there’s vines upon roots, upons vines, and MORE vines, all tangled together! But there’s also garbage… piles and piles of garbage. Not household garbage, at least, but so far, I’ve found a pile of plastic sheeting, rope and twine, chunks of old carpet, several cinder blocks, broken bits of wood and metal, and old metal plant stand (which unfortunately wasn’t salvageable), all buried under at least 30 years of composted leaves and such. I worked at it for a full afternoon and barely scratched the surface.

This was obviously the old homeowners’ dumping ground. Out of sight… out of mind kind of thing.

I’m hoping to get it all cleared out this weekend… but I told Dave, I’m not making any promises. It’s a much bigger job than I thought.

One small bright spot. I did uncover a little bit of buried treasure.

It’s to far gone to be used as a lantern ever again… but Dave’s going to clean it up and give it a paint job, and I think it will make a fabulous little garden decoration.

Fingers crossed there’s more treasures somewhere in all that dirt!

10 thoughts on “Weekend warriors

  1. Araignee

    What a chore! When we moved in here there was a fence out back and like your shed the back end of it was a dumping ground for yard rubbish. We took down the fence but the hump is still there to this day although through the years it has gotten smaller.


  2. We have something similar in our yard, but we know who the culprits were: The Hubby’s family!
    Where I want to plant a garden, there are bits of metal, rocks, and other discarded stuff.
    I dig anyhow, and so far, most everything that I’ve planted has survived.


  3. Patty

    It’s very hard work and I feel for you. My son and daughter-in-law bought a house that had been a rental. They too, have an area between the garage and the alley full of exactly the same things you are digging up! Trees were allowed to grow inside bushes and vines that were once beautiful flower beds! It might take a few years to get it beautiful once again. Can’t wait to see that finished project,


  4. jatshaw

    Wow! That was a lot of stuff to uncover! At least one small treasure made it worth the work so far. Hopefully you’ll find a few more surprises as you work!


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