April flowers

First, let me wish you all at Happy Easter! It’s a quiet one for us. Dave’s Grandma is back in the hospital (she fell again – nothing broken, but she’s bruised pretty good so they are keeping here there until she’s more steady). I’m hoping to get Dave out to do a little antiquing today, but it’s weather dependent.

Burton meanwhile, is having his own little Easter party, it seems…

This little carrot bag was a free pattern on Connecting Threads. I just couldn’t resist making one! I filled it full of chocolate, and will drop it off to Wren next time I’m down that way!

In the meantime, the nicer weather also naturally had me poking around the gardens, such as they are.

The bulb box had definitely made the most progress – especially the tulip section, as you can see above. It was time to get the protective screen off.

After I did that, I was able to get some pictures of this season’s very first blooms!

Pure little crocuses! I don’t have many of them, and at the townhouse, I never got to enjoy the blooms long before the buns got them. But I’m hoping to plants scads of them here. They are always such a cheerful thing to see!

7 thoughts on “April flowers

  1. What a cute little carrot bag. Burton would like to have some kitty treats in there!
    It snowed here this morning and was raw and cold all day. No flowers to be seen. The snow didn’t last and was gone by noon when we left church.
    Blessings and hugs,


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