Two by two, we build our blocks

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve shown you any Blockhead progress, but we have two more blocks added to our collection

That brings our total to four, and both Burton and I think this quilt is looking pretty fab so far!

8 thoughts on “Two by two, we build our blocks

  1. Araignee

    Very nice! It reminds me of my poor Dear Jane that has been gathering dust ever since my kids decided to have baby after baby these past few years. I just realized in horror that the newest Grand due in September will need a little quilt too. I’m in no shape to be making one now but hopefully I will be able to knock one out this summer. I better go fabric hunting now.


  2. So far,I’ve resisted the temptation to start another long term project, but your blocks look fantastic. I may have to reconsider my decision to sit this one out.


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