Grasshopper goodbye

I had another long-weekend this weekend. Mom had to have some pretty intense surgery on Friday, so I came down so Dad could hang about the hospital without worrying about the dogs. I’m happy to say the surgery, while long, went really well. She’ll probably be in the hospital for a week, and have to take it easy for a while as she heals, but she’s got us for support.

I, of course, took advantage of the time to do a little quilting, and such and I’ll share more throughout the week, but today I want to share how I finished off the weekend.

You may remember my little adventure to a place called Grasshopper Imports a couple years ago. It was 2018, and I’ve always meant to go back. They are only open for the spring/summer. I didn’t have any money in 2019. 2020 was of course COVID lockdowns, and last year we were far too busy with house buying/moving. But Krista and I promised each other, 2022 would be the year we would go back.

Then a couple weeks ago, I saw and announcement on Facebook – after 30 years in business, they were closing for good! They would only be open for a couple more weeks to sell off the remaining stock. We were so upset.

So, as soon as I found out I’d be down for the weekend, I asked her if she wanted to make some time to hit the place up one last time. Yesterday we did. Sadly, by the time we got there, there wasn’t much left. Mostly some plain pots – certainly none of the whimsical planters and statuary they are known for.

I did manage to find these cute little hooks:

The ants will go on the side of the shed, so I can have a few tools handy. The lady bug will probably go somewhere in the catio.

We took one last selfie with the famous wall

and headed down the road to Terra to console ourselves. If we couldn’t buy fun planters, we’d buy plants!!!!

From left to right: Earth Star, Dragon Fingers, Lifesaver cactus, Panda plant, miniature inch-plants, some sort of spiky aloe, and an unknown brown spiky succulent.

I really only planned to get the Lifesaver cactus. It doesn’t look like much right now, but one day, if I treat it right, it will have flowers like this!!!

How cool is that???

As for the other plants… I do have a Panda plant, but it’s more of a blue-green, not that pretty copper brown. The Dragon Fingers were on clearance, and you know I can’t resist a clearance plant!

The mini inch plant was OBVIOUSLY meant for my fancy pigeon planter.

The Earth Star… I mean, just look at it…could you leave that behind???

The tiny spiky aloe was just the right size for this tiny Burton planter I had.

And the unknown succulent was ideal for this mug Krista gave me. The mug was too cute to tuck away in a cupboard. I think a planter is a much better use for it!

So while our last blast as Grasshopper turned out to be a bit of a bust, we ended up alright in the end!

11 thoughts on “Grasshopper goodbye

  1. Great finds! What a cool place – sorry it has closed for good. Glad your Mom’s surgery went well…sending all the healing juju her way for a speedy recovery.


  2. Sounds like you were able to make lemonade out of lemons – I love the plants you got, and where you decided they should live!

    I hope your mom’s recovery will be boring with no problems.


  3. Patty

    Hope your mom’s recovery goes well and she heals fast!
    Sorry to hear about your fun store closing. There was a vintage store a half hour away from my house that I loved to shop at. Well, the pandemic closed their store permanently. So, I do understand your pain. At least you found those cool plants. Good score!!!


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Hope your Mom has a quick and uneventful recovery. So glad surgery was successful. It’s so sad when favorite/awesome shops like that close. Love the photo in front of the wall. Great collection of plants that went home with you.


  5. I’ll be praying for your Mom to recover from her surgery quickly and that all was taken care of during the surgery.
    You found some plants I’ve never seen or heard of before. A lifesaver plant! How cool is that? So are all of the others. I’ve always killed succelents by just looking at them. 🙂 Seriously, I can’t seem to grow much of anything anymore, but my orchid has been blooming non-stop for over a year now! Those hooks are the cutest. I’m glad you found something from the store before they closed.


  6. Spending time with a friend counts for a lot too.

    I think Cindy (Delighted Hands) may have one of those lifesavor plants. I know I’ve seen it on a blog somewhere before


  7. jatshaw

    Sounds like you really scored on the plants! I love the bloom on the Lifesaver cactus and have never seen anything quite like it. Those hooks are very cute! Hope that by today your mom feels feeling much better really soon!! And thanks for the idea to use mugs for plants. Why didn’t I think of that?


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