A little seedy

Several weeks have gone by and I am happy to report, my indoor seed experiment is going quite nicely

Some of the seeds are definitely doing better than others, but almost everything sprouted.

The black-eyed susans, shasta daisies, blanket flower and lupins are the most robust. There’s still no signs of life from the seeds I’d brought from the townhouse gardens. Of the store boughts seeds, only the Astilbe didn’t sprout. Though they may still do so – I’ve read that they can take a little longer than other seeds.

Patience is definitely the key when starting from seed!

And patience pays off elsewhere too. The snow melted and things warmed up and…

I have a DAFFODIL!!!!! If you look closely, you’ll notice the Lupin leaves in behind it. It’s not in the bulb box. At first, I thought it was a leftover present from the previous owners (in addition to the grape hyacinths taking over the catio, there are a few tulips popping up around the foundation of the house), but on further contemplation, I think this one came from the town house. It’s likely the bulb was tucked in with the Lupin roots. Since I pulled everything up with as much dirt as possible, I wouldn’t have noticed it. It’s most likely one of my mini-daffies that I planted a couple years ago. Regardless – it’s a very welcome sight!

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