Walkabout Wednesday – Smithville edition

I’m happy to say that while gone for the weekend, I was able to keep up with my walks, thanks to two large fools who MUST GO FOR A WALK EVERY DAY!

This is the only picture I have because Chevy and Jem are ON THE MOVE and it’s hard to take a picture with your phone at that pace.

The first day, Dad and I went together -him walking Jem (you can just see her off to the left), and me walking Chevy. Part of the walk takes us through a very lovely and very old cemetery. Dad says some of the gravestones are as old as the 1700s. The dogs didn’t give me time to explore, but it was a nice place to walk none-the-less.

The next day, I took both of them (at the same time) solo. Normally I’d be concerned about my ability to control two large dogs (Jem is a Lab and Chevy, Lab/Shepherd and an absolute giant), but these two are perfect walkers.

It almost makes me want to get a dog of my own…

But, I think someone else would something to say about that!

7 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday – Smithville edition

  1. Araignee

    If you get a puppy cats seem to adjust pretty well. I’ve always had a cat and dog combo going and never had an issue. Dogs, however, are very needy. Cats are like living with a teenager. Dogs are like living with a toddler.


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