FO: Cat in the box

I am happy to report that Mom is home from the hospital. She still has to take it easy for quite a while (which will be REALLY hard for her), but at least she’s a little more comfortable and enjoying much better food!

With her home, I can FINALLY reveal a little present I made for her. I’d been working on it quietly in the background, and while she was in surgery, I was quilting it up on her long arm.

It was orginally just supposed to be a small lap quilt – just something to bring a little extra comfort in recovery. But I kind of got carried away and made too many cats. The end result was a LARGE lap quilt. It ended up being about 56″ x 84″… oops!!!!

It was made from a fun fat quarter bundle that I bought in secret back in January (when we first found out she’d need surgery). Mom is a big lover or purple and burgundy, but she already has several prints in those colours. I incorporated them of course, but I wanted something a little different and the pink and peach turned out to be just the thing. (And she just loved them.

The back is a beautiful burgundy print that the picture does not do justice to. It’s got a subtle flower pattern a little like a batik. I bought it online and didn’t realize there was a pattern at all – I just thought it was a mottled blender. I wish you could see it in real life.

To add a little pizzaz, I tried to ad some “cat heads” to my loops.

They looked a lot better in my imagination than they do on the quilt – but you get the general idea! Lol.

And since I did the finishing at Mom’s I naturally had help from her crew.

I had to make my own binding and sew it on (usually Mom does this for me), but I had Tibbi to keep a close eye on me!

12 thoughts on “FO: Cat in the box

  1. I was thinking of your Mom this morning before I opened my computer. I’m thrilled that she is home to rest and recover. I know she’ll appreciate the quilt you made for her. Winnie is an adorable “helper.”


  2. How wonderful that your Mom is home. Hope she has a speedy and uneventful recovery. The surprise quilt is just beautiful. Love seeing how your quilting expertise is growing. Since you spent the weekend dispensing food and treats, does that mean Winnie is more tolerant of your company?


  3. Patty

    Looks like Tibbi takes her job seriously. She is so beautiful!
    Glad your mom is home and getting needed rest. You don’t get that in a hospital,!!


  4. jatshaw

    So glad your mom is back home! I’ll bet she loves this beautiful quilt. Sure wish I had a mom to sew on my bindings! I have at least 3 just waiting.


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