Tiny Needle Tuesday: Tudor Bee FO


My little Tudor Bee is complete. My colour scheme is a little different than the original, but other than that I was pretty faithful to the pattern. This one was definitely fun to stitch and I enjoyed every minute of watching it grow.

It was a little difficult to frame as it didn’t turn out at any of the usual “photo” sizes. In the end, I got a 8 x 10 float frame and just centred it.

Photo is a little blurry, but you get the idea. Dad came by on Friday and I was in a rush to get it packed up and sent home with him. You see, this was Mom’s Mother’s Day gift!

And now it’s time to start some stitching for me!!!

13 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday: Tudor Bee FO

  1. Having worked as an art framer for years, I know the frustration of having something that doesn’t quite fit into the regular sized frames.
    Now that I don’t work there, and cannot do my own framing, there are a lot of pieces floating around, because now I’m a framing snob…hahaha!


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