Walkabout Wednesday

This week’s edition is all about trees in bloom….because baby, Alvinston’s canopy is blooming.

There are so many trees in bloom, but I just love the magnolias.

There are quite a few different ones around town, and many of them look like they’ve been there for decades – much bigger than any I saw in our old city.

There are also many, many Forsythia around town…

I’ve always loved Forsythia, such a bright pop of colour at the start of spring. I’m debating on getting one for the yard.

And of course, there are lilacs…

There will definitely be a Lilac or two in my yard soon.

I think this gorgeous tree is a crab apple, but I’m not 100%

What I do know is that is beautiful and it was absolutely ALIVE with bees the day I took this picture. Standing under it, there was so much buzzing you would have thought you were inside a bee hive!

And these aren’t blooms, but…

I just LOVED the red of these pretty Maple Keys.

From the trees to the ground, there are flowers everywhere…

My yard has hundreds of dark purple wild violets, but I found these pretty white ones on the side of the road about a block away from the house.

And last…

It’s Dandelion season! I know lots of people don’t like them, but I do. I leave as many as possible for the bees.

10 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. Araignee

    Such pretty blooms! Forsythias remind of the time I was driving dad to the doctors and he kept telling me to watch out for the school bus. I looked over and it was just a big yellow forsythia bush all in flower. That’s the day I knew for sure there was something going on in that head of his. Every time I see them I think of him now.


  2. Beautiful blooms. Our forsythia and lilac are already finished blooming (the lilac ended this week with rains and high winds). Like you, I don’t mind dandelions, but Fletch is forever pulling them before they go to seed. I think bees like the flowers and bunnies like the leaves. If those beautiful violets are just by the side of the road, you should dig some up for your yard!! Looks like you have moved to a beautiful area Val.


  3. Oh Val, the blossoms are all just so beautiful. From the magnolias to the dandelions, they are all wonderful and I can just imagine the aroma. My hubby can’t stand dandelions and pulls every one he finds. I have such great memories of making dandelion chains and bouquets of beautiful yellow flowers as a child. As I reminded him yesterday, no one cared about dandelions when I was a child, and those people are all gone now. Do we think any worse of them? I tell him to just leave them alone. After all, it’s a losing battle anyway. The yards all around us are overflowing with them. 🙂


  4. Like you, I love seeing flowers and trees start to bloom – even if my allergies do not!

    And I LOVE dandelions. They do their thing and bring some color where sometimes that’s all there is.


  5. My wood poppy, rue anemone, Jacob’s Ladder, wild ginger, and columbine are blooming to beat the band right now.
    We too have purple violets, but a ton of the white-with-purple-center one’s too.
    Plus, the pure white and yellow one’s that I received from my native-plant guru.
    We are participating in ‘No Mow May’, so there are things growing that we don’t normally see…I’m not sure what the heck is going on out there!!!


  6. jatshaw

    Great photo of some of my favorite spring flowers. I love this season after all the winter gloom. Despite all the spring rains this year, the flowers bring a lot of cheer. BTW, those maple keys bring about lots of maple sprouts, at least in our yard.


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