Leadership stars

I know I’ve probably said it before, but assembling a quilt top is my least favourite part of the quilting process. It’s when things start to get bulky, and unwieldy, and just hard to manage. It’s not so bad with a baby-size top, but anything bigger than that and… it’s just no fun.

And my Leader/Ender project is at the stage where it needs to be assembled. And with 100 blocks… it has the potential to be a nightmare.

However, I have a trick or two for just such situations. Whenever possible, I try to break a quilt top into quadrants, and basically assemble them one quadrant at a time. It’s kind of like making four individual baby tops. Then I just have to sew the four together, and that’s not nearly as painful as doing several long rows. At least for me, anyway.

This is all a really long way of saying… I’ve completed 1/4 of the top for the Leader Ender quilt!

I need to make three more just like it, and I’ll have a decent sized quilt top. I’m really pleased with how all those black corner stars look now they are sewn up. They aren’t all perfect, but I think they pop nicely amidsts all those scraps.

I’m going to do one quadrant each week and by the end of the month, I should have a completed top!

8 thoughts on “Leadership stars

  1. Araignee

    It looks amazing but I’m with you. Putting them together is a slog. If I had a decent space to work in it might now be too bad but I am crammed in a teeny tiny room. I was working on the sunflower quilt the other day and realized it has grown too big for comfort. I have no idea what I was thinking because it is huge. I should have thought about using your method to save my sanity. Lining up all those blocks row by row was a nightmare.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    That is a beautiful quadrant! Love the design and the black accent. I have the same problem with large quilts. My design wall is my sewing room floor which the cats love.


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