All about Alice

I’m afraid I don’t have a Tiny Needle post for you today. I did not pick up the cross-stitching once this weekend, being far too busy in the yard. I do however, have a tiny brush post for you… does that count?

I’ve completed another one of my painted post creations… this one for best friend, Samantha. She’s a big fan of Alice and I wanted to see If I could rise to the challenge of recreating her on a pot. Naturally, I chose to include the Cheshire Cat.

I found some Alice colouring pages online, and they were the perfect inspiration. Unlike the other pots I’ve done, I only put a design on the front of this one, instead of all the way around. For the rest of the pot, I covered it with a sort of rainbow ombre.

You can’t really see it in the pictures, but the whole thing has a glitter wash over it, giving it a little bit of sparkle magic.

In it, I planted a cutting I rooted from my mini-monstera plant.

Samantha and I are currently working out the details for a play date, so Alice and Ches will be going to their new home soon.

I have two more pots primed and ready to paint… I just have to decide what to paint next!

9 thoughts on “All about Alice

  1. Araignee

    Lovely! My neighbor has been painting mugs that remind me of your pots and she works into the wee hours of the night out of her basement. She’s been going to craft fairs and making a killing. I have no idea how you paint a mug to make it safe to drink out of and I’m afraid to ask. She’s using spray paints from what I can see. I really need to research this whole thing because I am very intrigued by it.


  2. Adorable!
    I found a batch of poison ivy in the garden, and sort of wish I can keep it, by potting it, then hiding it in an out-of-the-way nook in the yard.
    Poison ivy is terrific for birds in Autumn; the berries have high nutritional value.
    Only humans have allergic reactions to the oil.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    WOW! You are so talented! That will be a hard act to follow but I’m looking forward to seeing what you paint on the other two pots. Alice is beautiful and will be an awesome gift for your friend.


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