Saturday in the garden

The last couple of weeks have been sort of an in between time for the garden. The last of the spring blooms were fading, and the summer ones not quite ready yet. But things are starting to ramp up again

The hibiscus will bloom off and on all summer. I have to keep it in a pot, because it’s not a hardy hibiscus (they do exist, but I’ve never come across one). I’ve yet to be able to keep one all the way through winter (they always seem to kick it a month or two before it’s warm enough to put them outside), but I keep trying. I bought this one at the grocery store garden centre, and put it beside the cat hut. My baby banana is right behind it, so I hope the cats feel like they are in a bit of a tropical oasis.

I didn’t think I had any chives here… I purposely didn’t bring any with me from the townhouse. While the bees love them, I found they have a tendency to take over, and I had a hard time keeping them in check at at the townhouse. But… it looks like this one hitched a ride in the dirt with the Shaker’s Prayer iris. My neighbour has a big pot full on her deck, so maybe that’s a better way to keep them. I will have to look into it.

When I said all the roses died over winter, that wasn’t quite true…. all the roses I brought from the townhosue did, but the mini roses I bought over summer/fall last year survived just fine.

They are still in the catio (though I may move them out front at some point) and the yellow one is blooming nicely.

One plant that did survive the move well was the white bell flower.

It’s so pretty and it blooms on and off all summer.

The native version if it was added to the garden out front.

The flowers are smaller, but still very pretty.

None of my lavender survived the move, but I bought THREE new plants this year. Basically three different colours. Dark purple, light purple, and this pretty pale pink.

I also added a couple delphiniums, and the largest of them has bloomed.

Such a gorgeous deep purple.

Another exciting thing is the honeysuckle I planted outside the catio.

It’s still small, but it is blooming. My hope is that eventually it will grow up that corner of the catio and be covered in blooms.

And last – it’s berry season!

I’m getting a few fresh berries every other day, and so are the birds. Next year, I will plant a proper food garden, but for now I’m enjoying the tiny bounty of this one.

7 thoughts on “Saturday in the garden

  1. Araignee

    With everything you have going on with the new house I can’t believe you found the time for all this gardening. I am amazed at how much you have achieved in so short a time.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What a great assortment of plants that are blooming now. Very impressive that the mini roses are blooming. Even more impressive is that they did not die during the winter. I was never able to keep them alive for any length of time. Of course, you have two green thumbs.


  3. Your garden is amazing. That hibiscus is my favorite, I left one that color at my big house as there is no room for it here. But I do have a beautiful bush in my front yard that has beautiful red flowers on it. My neighbor has a huge, huge hibiscus tree. I have never seen one this tall. some of the branches droop over my fence and delight me with beautiful red flowers. Stay safe.


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