Dad’s day

Today, being Father’s day, I’d like to pay homage to my old man. That’s what he always called his father, and I always thought it was funny as a child.

You all know how awesome my Mom is, but I’m pretty darn lucky, because I’ve got a pretty fantastic Dad too.

It’s no secret that he’s been a HUGE support to us with this wreck of a house. From mowing the hay field of a lawn on the first day we got it, to hanging drywall, demolishing the greenhouse, erecting the catio, and saving the sun porch, we wouldn’t not have accomplished as much as we have without his experienced advice, and extra pair of hands. That’s one thing I have always been able to say about my Dad… he’s never discouraged me from trying anything, and he’s always taught me new things when I’ve asked. He’s not the most patient teacher, but I’m not exactly the most patient student either.. but somehow, we manage. The fact that I have living room walls is proof of that.

Mom will tell you that, though I look more like her, I got my attitude and twisted sense of humor from him. And she’s probably right. But that’s not the only thing…

It’s definitely where I got my love of all creatures great and small. From dogs, to cats, to chickens, to turtles, Dad’s brought them all home. An avid outdoorsman, he’s given both his children a huge appreciation for nature. He’s also an prodigious reader, and definitely encouraged my love of books (and all things sci-fi and fantastical). So much of the music I listen to is influenced by stuff he listened to when I was a kid.

I’m pretty sure he’s where I got my resilience from. Like me, when things go wrong, he doesn’t dwell on it. His attitude has always been ‘F@$& it… let’s find a way to fix it.”

So… to the ultimate Mr. Fix It… I say…here’s to you. Keep being you… Also… the truck is making a weird noise… I’m going to call you so you can diagnose it.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

8 thoughts on “Dad’s day

  1. That was the best Father’s Day tribute I’ve read in a long time. Your Dad sounds much like Dennis’s Dad and, Dennis too. My Dad? Not so much. My tribute would be to Dad Queen who loved me like his own.
    I’m glad you had such a great Dad to teach you so much and be there for you and Dave. Love the last paragraph best! 🙂


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