Tiny needle Tuesday

I feel like I made much better progress with my stitching this weekend than I have in quite a while.

As you can see, I got most of the top of the sewing desk finished, and the blue fabric started.

I still prefer cotton floss, but I do have to admit this wool/acrylic stuff has some perks. First is that it doesn’t seem to tangle and knot like the cotton stuff can.

And second, I love the handy dandy way they provided all the colours needed on one piece of cardboard. They are numbered to match the chart, and it’s nice having them tidy, and all in on place, instead of on multiple bobbins.

It’s an excellent little kit.

7 thoughts on “Tiny needle Tuesday

  1. It’s such a sweet project Val. I really like the machine as it brings up lots of good memories as I’ve said before. I’ve never seen the floss provided that way before. I do like it too. Having just finished a project where I had all of the bobbins in a plastic sandwich bag, this seems much tidier.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    More of the picture is emerging. That was really a neat way to provide the floss. It’s all right at hand and no chance to misplace one of the bobbins. Looking forward to seeing it continue to progress.


  3. jatshaw

    What a nice pattern. I, too, love how the floss is organized! If only other companies would do that! As for me, I need to get out some of my unfinished stitching projects.


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