Walkabout Wednesday

This week there’s a slight twist to WW.

Almost every day, my walk ends at the post office. We don’t have door-to-door delivery here. Instead we have PO boxes, and I have to go there often, because they are small, and can get full fast, even if it’s just junk mail. Not to mention, Dave tends to get a lot of parcels (which I have to pick up next door at the post outlet/township office).

Anyway.. in the mailroom, there’s a large notice board, where people and businesses can post their notices.

Now, I’ve said before that the town is quite small – about 2,500 people. City folk often think there’s nothing going on in towns like these – but as I learned as a junior community journalist in my 20s… small town are happening! You would not believe how much goes on.

Here’s a look at what you can do in this small town:

A lot of stuff goes on for the kids. There’s baseball diamonds at the end of our street, and we can hear the games all summer long… but there’s also ball hockey too. (And regular hockey in the winter – we even have our own team – the Alvinston Killer Bees, which is part of the Western Ontario Super Hockey League.)

The legion ALWAYS has stuff going on. At least once a month they do a Meat Raffle.

And with the prices in the supermarket lately, I may have to check it out one of these days.

There’s also going to be music in the little park by the post office.

On the second Sunday of the month, all summer. I missed this month’s, but I may take a mosey over there next time.

Apparently one of the most exciting things to happen is the return of the Alvinston Pro Rodeo.

COVID shut it down for two years. We didn’t go, because I wasn’t even planning on being around last weekend, but the rodeo grounds are only a block and a half away, and it sounded like it was a pretty wild time. I told Dave next year, I’d like to check it out. I’ve never seen a rodeo!

This is also a car show that’s happening on July 3. I’m trying to convince Dave that we should take the Bonneville over. But it will depend on the weather… if it’s too hot, there’s no way I’ll move him away from the a/c.

8 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. There is definitely a LOT going on in your little town. I grew up in a town in Iowa with about the same amount of people. We sure didn’t have things happening. No sports teams or rodeos! I love going to the rodeo. I think you would enjoy it.


  2. Small towns are the best.

    We’ve had Bridge Day (where we celebrate the covered bridge), the Chalfont 5K, and on the 4th we have our big parade. There is a indoor flea market at the fire company this Saturday (rain or shine). The Milk Market will have their car show soon and the food trucks come to the water ice stand all through the good months.

    That doesn’t take in the farmer’s market on Wednesday nights ….that is up in the borough next to us. Then there are the things that the OTHER small towns around us do. You could keep pretty busy.


  3. I’ve lived in small towns most of my life, and love them! It looks like your post office bulletin board is full of local news.I wish there was something similar here, but people tend to lean more toward Facebook which is frustrating because it’s difficult to find listing all in one place. Definitely plan to go to the rodeo next year – I think you’d like it.


  4. jatshaw

    Sounds like you have lots to keep you busy in addition to all the other things you do. Have fun choosing what and when, and let us know what you check out!


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