My happy place

I’ve been meaning to share picture of the inside of the sun porch* now that all the house plants are moved out there for their summer vacation. It took this panorma after I finally got them moved (it was a surprisingly big job!)

Okay… technically it’s not all the house plants either. There’s still a few inside. I have some in my upstairs bathroom, sewing studio and office, as well as a few in the kitchen. They all get great light where they are so there’s no real need to move them. And there are a handful – something like 17, maybe – that are still in the living room because there is just no more room for them on the porch.

And like the garden, this little area sometimes blooms too.

For most of my life, I always found African violets so hard to keep. That’s until I had a space at work with a north-facing window, and I discovered that all they really want is a lot of indirect light. Here they go under the grow lights in the winter, and spend the summer on the porch and they just thrive. I have two right now – two different shades of pink, but I will get more.

Most of my orchids are done blooming, and I brought them all out onto the porch so they could enjoy the humidity of summer.

One still has flowers though…

And oddly enough, it’s the one that was on clearance because it was half dead. The ones I paid full-price for had gorgeous flowers, that barely lasted…. I can only hope they rebloom again eventually.

And before I go, I’d like to share another little project Dave finished recently. Several weeks ago, we were at the little used store in Strathroy. I’d seen a little table/storage unit that I thought was just so cute. But I didn’t really need it, so I left it there. When we went back a few weeks later, it was still there. They tend to turn things over pretty fast, so I decided it was a sign and I needed to buy it… it was only $35.

I thought it would be perfect for the porch. I could store my plant supplies in it, and put a couple plants on top. Now personally, I liked it’s “rustic” charm, but Dave was not having it. He insisted on redoing it. Giving in was easier than listening to him complain about it, so I got some pretty blue paint (so it would look nice with my gnome quilt).

Now it’s tucked in the corner, and as I suspected, it’s a great place to store my soil, spare pots and such. And there’s ample room on top for several happy plants.

I’ve considered hand painting a few daisies or something on it, to bring back that country feel… or I might just get out the sandpaper when Dave’s not looking, and rough up a few edges.

*you may notice that the inside of the sun porch is still red oxide… it will be painted, but not until the fall when I move all the plants back in. I’m not moving them twice!

8 thoughts on “My happy place

  1. Araignee

    I’d give anything to have a screened porch to sit on. I’ve been lobbying The Mister for one for years with no luck. Since mosquitoes don’t bother him he doesn’t see the need. Ours bite all day long down here and the daytime skeeters are the worst.


  2. jatshaw

    That is one gorgeous porch! Your orchids are impressive, too, and so is your little chest. You’d hardly guess that it’s the same one in the first photo.


  3. I do love your porch. We have a nice covered deck at this house and the bugs don’t seem too bad this year but the humidity has been awful.
    I can’t imagine that many plants to care for and water. Your love for them shows though in how healthy they all look. The cabinet is really cute too. Both ways.
    Blessings and hugs,


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