Feeling blue

Well, I managed not to let June get away from me completely before doing my rainbow scrap challenge block, but it was a near thing!

(May flew by, but I’m pretty sure June has been rocket-propelled!) This month was blue.

Most of my blue scraps were either sea or space themed, but the idea is to work with what you’ve got so I just went with it.

As you can see, Relic wasn’t exactly over-excited about my block. Though he did perk up a bit more when I laid it out with the other months.

And that’s the first six months of the year, done and dusted! It’s been a colourful year so far!

7 thoughts on “Feeling blue

  1. They look so pretty all together.

    I have a preference for blue. This month really floats my boat.

    (But, sheesh! You are right. This month FLEW by.)


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Your blue fabrics made a beautiful block and it blends so well with the other five blocks. I can’t seem to comprehend that the month of June is almost over as well as the year being half over.


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