Winnie on watch

No Tiny Needle Tuesday today, as I was at Mom’s all weekend and I didn’t take the cross stitching with me. I don’t even have the second quilt to show you yet, because I’m still finishing the binding.

So… I have to make do, and give you…


As you know, she’s never happy when I show up for the weekend. It means she has a full weekend of staying on high alert, following me around, and making sure I’m not getting up to anything nefarious.

Because I was quilting, that meant she was down in the basement with me… closely observing every part of the process.

She is especially suspicious of the the sandwiching process, and has to make sure I’m not trying to hide anything in the fabric or batting…

During the actual quilting, she kept an eye on me from her perch in the window.

As you can see, she thought my presence was entirely suspect. She was not unhappy to see me pack up my stuff on Sunday and leave her to finally relax in a sunbeam.

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