FO: Black Starlight

With Dory patched up, I was finally able to make it to Mom’s an quilt away all weekend. I only had two tops to quilt, but they were both fairly big.

The first is the scrappy star quilt.

I did it as a leader/ender quilt and used up a l lot of my five inch square scraps in the process, which was exactly the point. The result is the kaleidoscope of colours and patterns you see above.

There are so many fabrics, it’s hard to show them all, but here’s a bit of a glimpse…

It finished up at about 72″ square, so it’s a good size – excellent as a nice, colourful bed topper.

And it’s in the shop now, so it could be yours!

8 thoughts on “FO: Black Starlight

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That is such an awesome quilt. There is such a great assortment of fabrics and the black just pulls it all together. I would expect it to sell quickly.


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