Entering No Buy July

It mentioned yesterday that during the week, I hit up the garden centre’s clearance sale, and it’s a good thing I did, because a few days later, Mom and I made a pact to have a No Buy July (NBJ).

For the entire month of July, we agreed we are not going to buy anything that is not an absolute necessity. So basically only groceries/toiletries, food on the go when we are out and about and don’t have at home options, and stuff for the house that absolutely has to be fixed.

It means no fabric.

No yarn.

No clothes or shoes.

And no plants!

And NBJ got off to a really good start. On the 1st, I had no desire to go anywhere or buy anything. Admittedly, it was Canada Day, so not much was open, but still. Start as you mean to go on, I always say.

But then yesterday…

We had to take a trailer load of branches to the dump. While we were out, Dave wanted to hit the hardware store and get some more paint for a project he was in the middle of. No problem, that purchase could be considered essential. It was half done and for the maintenance of the house (He’s repainted the metal work on the front and side porches)

But then, on the way home… he saw a garage sale sign…

No big deal to stop, I thought. I didn’t have any cash on me anyway. I can’t spend if I have no money. If Dave saw something he wanted, he could get it – he’s not part of the NBJ pact.

But then I saw it… well several things actually, that had me getting back into Dory and to the nearest bank machine.

The first was these…

There’s a pair of them. The seller was asking $200 for them. Did I need them… no. Did I want them… 100%. He made them himself, and they are absolutely solid. $200 wouldn’t even cover the materials to have Dave make me something like this down the road. I’ve been looking at vinyl versions online, and they are much more than $200.

I’m still not 100% on where I will put them. I’m thinking the pair would make a great “entrance” to Willow Grove and help close off that space to make it feel more like a separate garden room. I won’t plant them this year, so I have lots of time to decide how best to use them. Right now I’m leaning towards using them for peas and beans.

He also had two of these smaller guys…

They aren’t the most gorgeous planter boxes, but once given a coat of paint (which Dave is doing as I type) and filled with flowers, they are going to be just lovely. They will likely flank each side of the front porch, which is pretty bare right now. He was asking $10 a piece, but threw the pair in with the big planters. Again – the wood for these is worth a fortune.

And last…

I have been on the look-out for an old wooden ladder for the garden for AGES! Unfortunately, they are quite a popular garden item, so when you do find them, they are usually upwards of $50. This one was a steal at just $10.

So yeah… I fell off the NBJ wagon hard…. and on just the SECOND day. But what finds!!!! And NBJ can always start AFTER the long weekend…. Right?

8 thoughts on “Entering No Buy July

  1. Araignee

    The minute I tell myself I have to curb my buying habits I go nuts buying stuff. Like clockwork. Love those planters. Totally worth breaking the pact.


  2. Those are worth breaking the NBJ pact. I honestly don’t think you’d find that good of a deal anywhere else. I would love those big planters for beans. However, with the cost of wood, that won’t be happening soon. You absolutely couldn’t pass those up. The ladder is great too, as are the smaller planters. Great job!


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