Weekend fun with friends

I hope all my friends south of the border are having a wonderful holiday Monday. It was a long weekend for us too, though our holiday was on Friday. We ended our long weekend with a visit from my favouritest person in the world….


And her husband Michael, of course, who is wonderful too.

While Samantha and I surveyed the gardens, and chatted and just generally caught up, the boys were working inside the house, hanging the light fixtures we got for a steal all those months ago.

First they took down the ugly crystal chandelier in the dining room installed something much prettier

I still can’t believe that we got it for just $25 at our regular second hand store. It’s going to look amazing when we get the walls and floor in the dining room done.

Next up were the lights for the livingroom we got at the same store.

A pair of simple pendants to light up the far end of the room.

Now all this room needs is a new window, and the trim done, and it will be 100% finished!

And last, they replaced on of the outdoor fixtures. It used to be one of those old mason-jar type fixtures.

And now it’s a pretty carriage house style lantern. This was also another great find from the second hand store – just $5!

I made us all some homemade pizza, and then we said our good byes.

And they rode off into the sunset..

Though we will see them again in a couple weeks for Samantha’s birthday!

8 thoughts on “Weekend fun with friends

  1. Araignee

    How wonderful to have friends to help you get your house in order. It looks great. The Mister and I are in a slump just when we need to get so much done. Daughter and SIL are coming next Sunday to help us move things and I’m hoping that will get us motivated again.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Fun times with friends and items marked off your to-do list sounds like a great weekend. The changes/improvements are really transforming your home.


  3. What fun! Friends who share their skills are the best. You found great deals on the lighting fixtures. In my younger days,I loved riding on the back of a motorcycle with my friend Dave. Good memories.


  4. Great weekend for you! Love the bike and adore the photo of you and Sam. Two cuties. So young and pretty. I feel like an old fuddy duddy. 🙂 Probably old enough to be your Mom. I miss having a motorcycle. Dennis is talking again about getting one. We’ll see.
    Glad you got the fixtures hung. It’s such a sense of accomplishment, each thing you mark off of your list.
    Blessings and hugs,


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