Walkabout Wednesday

For today’s post, I thought I’d share a different perspective on the town… a textured one!

I am a very tactile person – Mom always had to remind me not to touch things when we went places. Dave laughs when we go into a thrift store or anywhere with a lot of breakables, because I still clasp my hands behind my back so I can resist the urge to touch (and likely break) something.

So it’s no surprise that when I’m out walking, I notice textures.

This town has a lot of old hardwood trees (mostly maples, but some oaks as well), and old trees have fabulous bark.

What really fascinates me is not just how rough and ragged it is, but that all three of these trees are maples, yet their bark texture is unique. The one on the right is my favourite tree. It’s near the corner of our street so I pass it on almost every walk. Not only do I love all the yellow lichen, but it’s huge!!! The pic does not give a good perspective. I wouldn’t be able to touch my fingers together on the other side if I gave it a hug. It’s right by the side walk so I give it a pat every time I walk by. It’s a good tree.

Then there are the “trees” without bark

This hydro pole is on our street and I love that you can see the grain of the wood.

This is one of the Norway Maples in the downtown

From the size, I’m guessing it’s maybe 10-15 years old (though I’m not expert) It’s got several cool knots, and lots of green lichen, but what I love is how the lichen stops in almost a perfect line on the bottom of the tree. Fascinating!

And here’s a nice look at some lichen growing on a Bass Wood in downtown. It has a wonderful texture of it’s own. And it doesn’t just love trees.

I love the way it looks on the rim of this old wagon wheel garden decoration.

And of course, buildings provide excellent texture too.

A great side by side of old and new brick walls (when I say new, the one of the left was probably built in the ’80s, maybe late ’90s).

And under my feet…

A rocky road…

Or parched desert.

What textures catch your eye in your town?

9 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. Love this! Count me as another fan of both bark and lichens. I often look at them when I take my walks. I love the knot on the Norway Maple above.


  2. Brick. I love the buildings that you can tell were built in different times because the brick is different on each part. Or you can tell where a repair was made and they couldn’t (or didn’t) get the original kind.

    SO MUCH BRICK! I wonder where they got all the clay.


  3. A wonderful post! It’s fun to look at things from a different perspective. Most of the older buildings in this area are built with limestone blocks. Nearly all of the university buildings are made from the distinctive stones. Another common feature is the ruddy red soil underfoot.


  4. Araignee

    I love utility poles. My dad was a lineman and he used to show us how he would climb the poles with his big boots and hooks. I used to love to hug them and feel the energy humming in them-and the smell of them….such good memories.


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