A sweater interrupted

Last week, I got a text from the coworker I just made the quilt for, asking for a favour. Her godmother has just been diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing treatment for a while. She wanted to send her a care package (she lives in Portugal) and wondered if I’d be able to knit a pair of socks to include in it.

Years ago, I made this coworker a pair and she absolutely loves them. She thought her Godmother would love a pair just as much, and they would help keep her comfortable as she undergoes treatment.

Naturally, I said of course. I sent her some pictures of my stash, and she picked out this yarn.

I put Dad’s sweater on hold so I can get these on and off the needles as quick as possible. So far, it’s going quite well. I’m sticking to plain vanilla, so with any luck, they well fly off the needles and be in the mail in a week or two.

9 thoughts on “A sweater interrupted

  1. That is wonderful and very thoughtful of you. The yarn is so pretty and I know she will love them. I’ve made Dennis’s Mom around a dozen pair and that’s all she wears, summer and winter. There’s something about handmade socks that help the wearer feel the love.
    Blessings and hugs,


  2. Shirley Elliott

    How sweet and kind of you! The portion you have completed is beautiful and I bet those socks will be so loved and appreciated.


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